Approaches to Peace

Approaches to Peace : Contributions of Buddha and Gandhi 

Siby K. Joseph 

(Text of the Lecture delivered at XI All India Youth Conference
organized by International Kumar Bhai Youth Forum for
Decency, Udayagiri, Jajpur, Odisha, January 2-3, 2016)

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From the Preface 

The world has witnessed the futility of weapons of mass destructions including the most potent nuclear weapons to control violence and war. There is growing realization among the sensitive minds that it has to be rooted out through a mental process followed by initiatives which would help to address the basic issues leading to violence and war. It was on this premise that Dr. Siby K. Joseph, a noted scholar on Gandhian Thought and Development Studies and a member of the Advisory Board of Center for Education Environment and Community (CEECo) prepared a lecture on the theme Approaches to Peace: Contributions of Buddha and Gandhi for the XI All India Youth Conference organized by International Kumar Bhai Youth Forum for Decency, Udayagiri, Jajpur, Odisha, from January 2-3, 2016.

This monograph prepared for the All India Youth Conference should be widely disseminated among students and youth of the country. We hope that this document will be useful in promoting value education and inculcating values of peace in the young minds and developing their moral fiber. This document also gives the reader a precise and basic understanding of Buddha’s and Gandhi’s approaches to peace and their unique contributions in this field.

 Approaches to Peace