Right of Peoples to Peace:  A Gandhian Perspective

Siby K. Joseph

Solidarity for Developing Communities and Peace Builders Forum, 2015,pp.60, Rs.50/-

International Day of Peace has been observed by the United Nations, Governments,NGOs, religious groups and civil society from 2002 on a global scale. This article highlights the major initiatives in this direction and throws light on theme of International Day of Peace for the year 2014, that is, Right of Peoples to Peace. It argues that the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace and the theme of International Day of Peace 2014 largely look upon peace from a minimalistic  notion and calls for a broader  and positive understanding of the concept of  peace. The major contention of the paper is that four major instruments of transformation advocated by Gandhi both at the individual and societal level viz. Constructive Programme, Satyagraha, Ekadash Vrat (eleven vows) and Trusteeship  would ultimately lead to the realisation of  basic right of peoples to have peace. These four instruments try to reconcile the demand of both rights and duties with little more emphasis on the latter.


Keywords: International Day of Peace, Right of Peoples to Peace, negative and positive peace ,Constructive Programme, Satyagraha, Ekadash Vrat (eleven vows), Trusteeship and  Rights and Duties

About the Author

        Siby K. Joseph is Dean of Studies and Research, Institute of Gandhian Studies, Wardha. He holds a master degree in Gandhian Thought and Peace Science and Ph.D. in Gandhian thought and Development Studies from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. He undergone the International course on Peoples’ Diplomacy, Non Violence, Humane Governance and Global Solidarity in Italy, organized by the International University of People’s Institution for Peace, Rovereto, the Peace Bell Foundation, Rovereto and the University of Trento Italy. He also participated in South Asia Level Training Programme on Peace, Reconciliation and Conflict Management in Colombo, Sri Lanka and took part in the Peace Mission in the conflict affected areas. He has been a member of the teaching faculty of the Institute of Gandhian Studies,Wardha since 1998. He served as a visiting faculty of several reputed academic institutions including of University of Terre-du-ciel, Bruallies, France and Peace Research Centre, Gujarat Vidaypith, Ahmedabad. He is closely connected with a number of international Gandhian and peace organisations including Gandhi International and the Communities of Ark founded by Lanza Del Vasto in France. He has published a number of articles in reputed journals in various disciplines. He also edited a number of books on Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies.  His homepage is http://siby.iecit.in

E-mail: sibykollappallil@yahoo.com, skjigs@gmail.com

This handbook for peace builders was jointly published by Solidarity for Developing Communities and Peace Builders Forum.

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